>>> Regarding the Coronavirus - as you know BRT products are made to be mobile with the ability to work anywhere, anytime online or off. BRT Technologies' newest products such as PowerCama are powered by the world-leading cloud provider AWS, which has an unprecedented record of reliability and we don't foresee any changes to the functionalities of our products at this time.

Additionally, every BRT Technologies staff member has the ability to work remotely which allows BRT to continue to offer customer support whenever it is needed.  BRT understands the real possibilities and problems the Coronavirus may bring to the assessment community in the weeks and months ahead and BRT is well suited and ready to continue to offer and provide our services and products uninterrupted during this time.

We wish everyone safe and healthy days ahead. We will get through this together and if you need anything from us please do not hesitate to ask.


>>>  We are proud to announce our newest team member, Tracey Timony.
As many of you know Tracey is an expert in all things CAMA and MODIV related. Tracey will be an integral part of BRT's PowerCama and MOD IV moving forward.

>>>  3/15/20.. BRT has been awarded and named the new MOD IV Vendor in Mercer County NJ.

>>>  3/4/20.. A Powercomp 2020  version 3.0 update is available to all clients. 

>>>  12/30/19.. Camden County NJ has awarded it's MOD IV and Online Appeal System to BRT MOD IV and BRT's Online Appeal System ( for 2020.

>>>   We are proud to announce that Readington has begun their reval and fieldwork using BRT's Mod IV and Powercama.

>>>  10/19 BRT's Power Printing has been awarded the printing and mailing of annual assessment postcards for all of Gloucester County this year. Municipalities throughout NJ have been sent samples of BRT Power Printing Postcards be on the lookout for yours.

>>> Quick Note...  keeping your Windows devices safe.

>>> BRT's original response to the current Vital situation.

>>>  We are proud to announce that Upper Pittsgrove has selected and is using BRT 's Mod IV and PowerCama for its new reval. Fieldwork began Oct.1st.

>>> BRT has recently become the first company to be awarded MOD IV certification in the state of NJ in over 18 years.

>>> Congratulations to BRT's own, Tom Davis for being the first recipient of the Timothy J Mead Technology Award given by the Association of Municipal Assessor of NJ for his contribution to the betterment of NJ assessing through technological solutions. s contribution to the betterment of NJ assessing through technological solutions.